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June 2015

Dental Implants – The next best thing to Natural Teeth

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We often face an unfortunate event or accident where we lose or damage our tooth/teeth. Losing a tooth can be embarrassing. It not only affects the aesthetics, but can cause serious issues with speech and eating. It can be very difficult to cope up with missing teeth. With technology, this can be treated easily without any pain.

Dental Implants

Dental Implant is the latest trend in Tooth Replacement technology. A dental implant in Gurgaon can replace a missing tooth or multiple tooth in the most natural way preserving the aesthetics and functionality of the replaced tooth.

A dental implant involves placing a digitally fabricated tooth on an artificial post that works and functions like a natural root. During the treatment, a minor surgical procedure is conducted to plant a Titanium post that blends with your other teeth through a process called Osseointegration. Sometimes bone grafting or reconstruction may be required due to lack of bone to implant the tooth.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are highly versatile in replacing missing teeth. It can also be used to retain a denture and provide the necessary stability to it. The greatest advantage of a dental implant over bridge is that it does not affect the surrounding teeth and there is absolutely no need to damage other teeth to accommodate an implant.

Dental Implants at Dr Bhatia’s Dental Clinic, Palam Vihar

Dental Implants treatment are performed by a specialist dentist called Implantologist who has extensive training in the art and science of dental implants. At Dr Bhatia’s Dental Clinic in Palam Vihar, all implants are done by our in house Implantologist using the most trusted Noble Biocare Implants. These implants are accepted worldwide and carry a warranty.

We also provide the latest Immediate Loading Implants that can help you replace the missing tooth on a single visit.  During the treatment, the extraction and implant placement are completed on the same day. This treatment is ideal for people who need immediate replacement and has a success rate of over 95%.

On your visit, make sure you ask your dentist if you are the right candidate for Dental Implants.

Dr Bhatia’s Dental Clinic in Gurgaon is a multispeciality dental clinic that offers dental treatments by highly specialised dentists in a comfortable and soothing environment. The clinic is located centrally yet in a clean and beautiful locality with ample of parking space and greenery to ensure that every visit is unique and memorable.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

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Root Canal Treatment is a procedure that is used to clean the tooth from within till the root tip. When there is a broken tooth or a badly carious tooth, it is very important to perform the Root Canal Treatment to save the tooth from getting extracted.  If untreated, the infection can proceed to the surrounding teeth and affect them.

Root Canal Treatments have a higher success rate when performed by a specialist. A specialist for Root Canal Treatment would be an Endodontist who are dentists with at least three additional years of advanced education in root canal techniques and procedures.

Root Canal Treatment, often misunderstood, can send a chill down the spine to most patients. It is assumed to be painful which was true before when the dentist used to use hand files and the treatment was complex. With the advent of the modern dentistry equipment, it is possible to complete the Root Canal Treatment in a Single Sitting without any discomfort to the patient.  In our dental clinic, we use Computerised Machine during endodontic procedure for high precision and comfort to the patient.

During the treatment, Digital X Ray machine is used for diagnosis. A completely computerised process, these X-Rays can be viewed instantly by the patient to understand and compare the condition of the teeth. These X Ray Reports can be easily mailed to the patient for future reference. Our Digital X Ray Equipment emit less radiation and hence is safer for the patients.

Our Dental Equipment undergo a 3 way sterilization process before use in any treatment. Always remember to take good care of your teeth. You can learn more about Root Canal Treatment on the link.