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    • JANUARY 11, 2019
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    Know when your Royal family of Teeth deserves a Crown

    Are you suffering from low self-confidence while talking, smile, or laughing due to your missing tooth? This is where Dental crown can come in handy. Commonly known as Cap, a dental crown is a tooth-like structure that is placed over implants or damaged tooth to give it same look and feel of natural teeth.  Dental

    • JANUARY 10, 2019
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    How to brush your skills for better Oral Care?

    Brushing is not the sole mantra for a healthy oral lifestyle. You need to adopt habits which are required to be fulfilled on a timely basis. It’s beyond brushing; what tools you use, what technique you adopt for brushing and what time you spend – all counts to become a proper brushing habit. Similarly, you

    • JANUARY 9, 2019
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    Get Dental Implants for a smiling foundation

    Dental Implants are simply metal frames or post that are placed into the jawbones surgically. This helps the dentist to install teeth on the implants which are positioned inside your gums, giving the same look and feel your original teeth had. This process of installing implants are so secure that implants are held strongly by

    • JANUARY 7, 2019
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    All about Root Canal Treatment

    Root Canal Treatment is fairly a standout amongst the most fundamental medications to anchor the common teeth against conditions like tooth rot, rehashed dental methods, mistaken crowns, or a break or chip in the tooth. Our Modern Root Canal Treatment in Gurgoan is effortless and diminishes tooth throb viably notwithstanding sparing the characteristic tooth. Time

    • JANUARY 4, 2019
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    Everything you want to know about dental treatment during pregnancy

    Being pregnant is the most divine feeling a woman can have. Many, however, are skeptical about visiting a dentist during the pregnancy period. Contrary to popular belief, a dental checkup is not only safe during pregnancy but desperately recommended. A visit to the new-age dental clinic in Gurgaon like Dr. Bhatia’s Dental Care during your

    • AUGUST 16, 2016
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    Myths and Facts about Milk Teeth

    Myth 1– Milk teeth are not important it’s eventually gonna fall off  Fact– Milk teeth are equally important as permanent teeth as it forms a guide for the erupting permanent teeth, if lost or decayed it might lead to impaction or mal aligned permanent teeth.   Myth 2– Milk teeth needs no treatment if decayed,

    • JUNE 9, 2016
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    Costing of Dental Treatments

    Gone are the days when we used to visit a dentist for a filling or removing out teeth. Nowadays there is a whole range of procedures and treatments available in dentistry. From preventive dentistry to restorative dentistry, to cosmetic dentistry there are several options available with dental patients. There are different aspects to a dental

    • OCTOBER 24, 2015
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    Removable Teeth: Implant Supported Dentures

    By virtue of certain factors like age, accidents or severe infection one may lose a tooth or more. Losing a tooth or teeth can create extreme discomfort while speaking and eating. Implant supported dentures or removable dentures are the artificial set of teeth that can be removed and worn by the patient at his/her convenience.

    • OCTOBER 12, 2015
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    Sterilization For Sanitation

    Sterilization is a process of removal of all the micro-organisms, known or unknown to attain a sanitised and clean environment. In a practice like dentistry, since most of the instruments are reusable and are used in a way that they come in contact with blood and saliva, sterilisation becomes a priority to maintain healthy environment

    • JULY 13, 2015
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    How to Maintain Good Oral Health ?

    You Brush & Floss, yet tooth loss? Save it here Just like, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, goes about “a tooth saved is a tooth earned”. While you eat drink and sleep do you forget to brush or floss your teeth? Guess that’s what is keeping you away from your social circle and

    • JULY 4, 2015
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    Tooth Sensitivity

    Tooth Sensitivity is a very common condition that anyone can come across. It is the sharp feeling that is experienced when our teeth come in contact with hot or cold objects. It can cause serious problems in eating or drinking if left untreated. We notice a wide range of tooth paste for sensitive teeth every

    • JUNE 25, 2015
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    Dental Implants – The next best thing to Natural Teeth

    We often face an unfortunate event or accident where we lose or damage our tooth/teeth. Losing a tooth can be embarrassing. It not only affects the aesthetics, but can cause serious issues with speech and eating. It can be very difficult to cope up with missing teeth. With technology, this can be treated easily without

    • JUNE 2, 2015
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    Root Canal Treatment

    Root Canal Treatment is a procedure that is used to clean the tooth from within till the root tip. When there is a broken tooth or a badly carious tooth, it is very important to perform the Root Canal Treatment to save the tooth from getting extracted.  If untreated, the infection can proceed to the

    • APRIL 30, 2015
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    Red Roses Public School Health Camp

    Our team of doctors, led by Dr Sidharth and Dr Deeksha, conducted a health check up camp at Red Roses Public School, Palam Vihar. The event was done to help the young children at Red Roses evaluate their Oral Health. Our team conducted an oral health screening for over 180 children in the school. A