Braces Treatment in Gurgaon

Misalignment of teeth can result in poor aesthetics, chewing problems and speaking issues. This can be treated by a variety of procedures like metallic braces, Invisalign, Lingual Orthodontics, Ceramic Braces by a qualified orthodontist. Our Orthodontist, Dr Sidharth ,who has undergone training under the very pioneers of the technology, can provide any kind of orthodontic treatment. A specialist in Clear path Technology, he mentors other doctors and patients in achieving the desired results using. Dr Bhatia’s Multi Speciality Dental Clinic in Gurgaon is an Invisalign certified provider and we have completed numerous successful treatments using the same.

Metallic/ Ceramic Braces

Braces treatment in Gurgaon provided at our clinic can help people of any age and any degree of teeth misalignment. We provide traditional metallic braces treatment which are inexpensive but can treat any misalignment. A gradual and more preferred procedure to the visible metallic braces is our ceramic or tooth coloured braces which are hardly noticeable and provide similar results.

Lingual Orthodontics

Trained by the pioneer of the technology in the U.K., Dr. Sidharth can provide advanced lingual orthodontics treatment which promises a total discrete approach of teeth straightening as the braces are placed behind the teeth and customized to provide any degree of realignment.

Cerified Invisalign/ ClearPath Braceless Treatment

We distinguish ourselves as the preferred provider in the most advanced Invisalign and Clearpath technology where we use a set of aligners that truly invisible to the naked eye. The treatment is highly flexible with custom aligners that are removable, comfortable and gradual. Dr. Siddharth is the official consultant for Clearpath technology and mentors the programme at St. Stephens Hospital , Gurgaon.
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