Costing of Dental Treatments

By June 9, 2016Dental Care

Gone are the days when we used to visit a dentist for a filling or removing out teeth. Nowadays there is a whole range of procedures and treatments available in dentistry. From preventive dentistry to restorative dentistry, to cosmetic dentistry there are several options available with dental patients. There are different aspects to a dental treatment, but the most important being a proper and an honest consultation. The consultation must be followed by another equally important step of getting the treatment or procedure done from a skilled dentist at a fully equipped clinic.
Patients mostly make a comparison on the basis of pricing of the treatments at different dental clinics, which should not be the case. Yes, patients should always make an informed choice but, must ask the right questions. So, what are the right questions? Let us take a look at the factors which determine the difference in pricing at different dental clinics:

Specialization of a dentist:

As mentioned earlier there a different branches of dentistry covering different aspects. An endodontist who specializes in Root Canal Treatment (RCT) will charge more than a general dentist performing the same procedure.

Difference in the approach and results:

There is marked difference in the finish results when the procedure is performed by a skilled dentist at a good dental facility. There will be a difference in the way the whole procedure is carried out, taking care of the patient’s ease and convenience all through.

Best medical and hygiene practices are followed:

Patients’ ease and comfort is a vital component of medical practice. Hence, convenience of the patients should be ensured at all times. Also as hygiene and sterilization form a very important part of practicing dentistry, a good dental facility will honestly follow the sterilization protocols. It is understandable that dental clinics may charge more in order to maintain high hygiene standards.

Skill and expertise of the dentist:

This forms the core of the whole treatment and procedure. If the procedure is performed by a skilled and expert dentist in Gurgaon, there will be evident difference in the end results in terms of finesse and long term satisfaction. The clinic is bound to charge more in this case.

Full equipped dental facility:

A fully equipped clinic with the latest set of instruments and X-Ray technology may charge more than the other clinics which may not be fully equipped. The patients do not have to get the dental X-Rays done from another place and then return back for advice and treatment. The whole experience becomes pleasant and hassle-free.

Higher quality of products:

Clinics using high quality and ADA approved products are bound to charge more. These clinics ensure that their patients get the best of what is available in dentistry nowadays.

Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile mark your personality. We aim to provide our patients with the best of dental treatments and best wholesome experience at Dr. Bhatia’s Dental Care.

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