How to brush your skills for better Oral Care?

By January 10, 2019Kids Dentistry
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Brushing is not the sole mantra for a healthy oral lifestyle. You need to adopt habits which are required to be fulfilled on a timely basis. It’s beyond brushing; what tools you use, what technique you adopt for brushing and what time you spend – all counts to become a proper brushing habit. Similarly, you need to adopt other habits to form a complete oral lifestyle. Lastly, oral lifestyle is important because gum disease can give birth to stomach and heart-related diseases as well.

You can start with a daily oral hygiene routine by following the hygiene tips for great oral health:

    1. Start with a Right Brush
      The head of the brush and its bristles should be soft, yet deep, to reach the molars where food takes shelter post lunch. The medium-sized brush is normally recommended.
    2. Floss like a boss
      Floss is a thread-like thing which can go up to 20-inch. You need to rub the floss against your teeth such a way that it creates C-shaped motion, both forward and backward. This process actually plucks the germs, without installing those again that are already removed.

3. Brush your brush
Take care of your brush like it’s your teeth. Clean it by rinsing after use and give it some air to breathe. You can also keep your brush in gadgets that specialize in killing bacteria.

4. Re-work on your Brushing Skills
Begin with a 45-degree angle between the brush and the teeth, while you make strokes which are shorter and quicker. Clean the back of your teeth while making a 90-degree angle with your brush.

5. Brush Frequency
Brushing for 5 minutes, twice a day is what is recommended by doctors world over. Since brushing tends to get boring, you can consider listening to your favorite track or watching an upcoming movie trailer while you are brushing.

6. Replace your Brush
Consider giving the new brush a chance every 4 months at least. This makes sure that the brushes, which loosens its spark due to wear-and-tear, doesn’t affect your oral health.

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7. Tongue Scraper
Bacteria can still dominate the tongue post brushing as well. So it’s important to scrape your tongue on a timely basis for a fresher breathe. Consult a Paediatric dentist in Gurgaon for scrapping your tongue of your children.

8. Rinse your mouth with Fluoride-rich water
Fluoride reduces the decay process of your teeth and improves your oral health. Visit one of the best dental clinic in Gurgaon, Dr. Bhatia’s Dental Care, for more insights on fluoridated water.

9. Rinse after eating
Rinsing after eating something can considerably reduce the bacterial count and gum-related issues.

10. Consume Healthy diet
Eat fruits, vegetables, grains, and omega-3-rich fishes, for better oral health and stronger protection from gum diseases.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, it is highly recommended to visit a specialized Paediatric dentist in Gurgaon, one like Dr. Sidharth Bhatia.

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