How to Maintain Good Oral Health?

By July 13, 2015Dental Care

Just like, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, goes about “a tooth saved is a tooth earned”. While you eat drink and sleep do you forget to brush or floss your teeth? Guess that’s what is keeping you away from your social circle and peer group. You won’t have a supervisor telling you, how to maintain your oral health, but a dentist (here I am, Dr. Bhatia) can.

Even though you brush your teeth, the contact region between two teeth called interdental area, often is seen food lodged which the regular brushing fails to remove mostly and that’s when you may need interdental brushes and flosses. Here’s how you can maximize the effectiveness of the time you spend oral cleansing:

  • Floss, though a bit tedious to use is better as it is less traumatic to the gums.
  • Whereas inter-dental brushes tend to be patient friendly but are more traumatic to the gums.
  • There have been introduced advanced designs of flosses to make it more patient friendly, ask your nearest pharmacist for the availability.
  • Besides the teeth, gums are majorly affected by negligence which makes them to space out, being a sign of weak gums, comes after which food lodgement that   produces cavity.
  • Interdental brush and floss greatly help prevent cavity between adjacent teeth.

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