Laser Dentistry

Dental Diode Soft Laser

Dental Diode Soft Laser is based on latest technologies. It is based on 980 nm wavelength which has 8-10 times higher absorption in oral tissue when compared to similar wavelengths. It has maximum output power as 4 watt with 10,000 Hz frequency. Full touch screen with pre-set programs provide a user friendly interface to work. All the parameters can be adjusted according to different patient’s condition.

The benefit of laser use for soft tissue treatment and management is that the treatments are often less invasive, more precise, and very conservative, preserving the healthy tissue while treating the diseased site. These benefits greatly reduce discomfort during treatment and minimize the need for local anesthesia for many procedures.

Benefits to Patients

  • 10w-soft-tissue-laser
  • Minimal or no bleeding
  • No swelling, faster healing
  • Reduced post-operative infection
  • Minimal or no anaesthesia
  • Minimal Pain and inconvenience
  • Less time in chair, less anxiety
  • Whitening, single visit procedure
  • High quality treatment
  • Less time predictable result
  • Can be used in pregnant and pacemaker cases
  • Long standing infection in teeth can now be saved by using dental lasers and hence eliminates the requirement for tooth extraction

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