Myths and Facts about Milk Teeth

By August 16, 2016Dental Care

Myth 1– Milk teeth are not important it’s eventually gonna fall off

Fact– Milk teeth are equally important as permanent teeth as it forms a guide for the erupting permanent teeth, if lost or decayed it might lead to impaction or mal aligned permanent teeth.

Myth 2– Milk teeth needs no treatment if decayed, they are temporary teeth

Fact– Milk teeth like permanent ones require equal attention and should be maintained periodically

Myth 3– If my child has beautifully looking well aligned milk teeth he or she will have good looking permanent teeth

Fact– Milk teeth if well aligned and closely placed with no gaps gives no surety for well aligned permanent teeth. As a matter of fact, spaced out milk teeth are the best in terms of achieving well placed permanent teeth

Myth 4– We will get my son/daughter checked for braces once all the milk teeth have fallen

Fact – An orthodontic visit for a child can be scheduled from the age of 7 years. In many cases we can avoid braces by serial extraction or we can avoid elaborate and extensive braces treatment.

Myth 5– How we can perform a RCT in milk teeth, their roots dissolve.

Fact – A root canal in milk teeth is called pulpectomy and is performed using a material that dissolves along with the root.

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