Now you have received one of the most modern appliances for the correction of misaligned teeth. The complete appliance consists of Brackets (BRACES), Bands, Tubes, Arch wires etc. Time to time more attachments is placed depending on specific requirement which may differ from patient to patient. I request you to take care of the appliance by following the given precautions:

  • Never touch or disturb the attachments by finger, pencil, pen etc.
  • Never try to bite anything from the front teeth, even the softest food material should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Avoid BITING the following food: Toffee, Chocolates, Maize, Corn, Toast, All sorts of Nuts. Sticky food stuff, for eg. Five star chocolate, Éclairs. It is impossible to mention all the food items, so patient’s cooperation is very important.
  • Avoid aerated drinks.
  • If any of the attachment becomes loose, please inform us immediately. Keep the attachment safely with you and bring it in your next appointment.
  • In case a wire is poking on your cheek, chew a small piece of chewing gum and stick it there, alternatively wet a small piece of cotton and keep at desired place. Inform the doctor and fix appointment.
  • Avoid games that include trauma/injury to front teeth i.e Boxing etc.
  • Brush teeth after every meal; maintain good oral hygiene by rinsing your mouth with the prescribed mouth wash.
  • NON-VEG. consumers, avoid consumption of Mutton, avoid chewing bones and eat soft, well marinated meat, preferable in small pieces. Prefer boneless meat.
  • Do not consume fruits with small seeds for eg: Pomegranate. Remove seeds if you tend to consume any fruit.
  • Please follow all instructions.
  • Do not skip your appointment, in case you tend to reschedule, please give prior notice.
  • Use only prescribed brushes.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY:8800359795; 8860692858; 9999290424.