Removable Teeth: Implant Supported Dentures

By October 24, 2015Dental Implants

By virtue of certain factors like age, accidents or severe infection one may lose a tooth or more. Losing a tooth or teeth can create extreme discomfort while speaking and eating. Implant supported dentures or removable dentures are the artificial set of teeth that can be removed and worn by the patient at his/her convenience. A partial or full denture can be designed as per the number of missing teeth. The device may be made to attach your natural teeth through clasps or precision attachments as per individual choices.

Removable Dentures

Upper jaw as well as lower denture can be made available for the treatment of missing teeth at low cost.

  1. Upper denture is much more stable than the lower one on the usual basis because they have the support of underlying palate. Hence there is ample surface area of the bone to support denture.
  2. Lower denture is usually loose and rocking because it is a single bone. In order to support the lower denture that is loose and rocking it is advisable to place a single or two implants in the lower jaw. These implants act as support pillars where the dentures can go and fit themselves too well to comfort the patients.

After having personalized dentures, regular cleaning and care measures should be strictly followed to prevent any inflammation or infection around the surrounding gum areas The sets are especially designed in the laboratory with the individual patient’s jaw impressions taken at the time of the visit and are made to fit your jaw structure. It may feel a little awkward and uncomfortable at the beginning of wearing dentures. However it eventually takes few days to get accustomed to wearing your device and getting comfortable with it.

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