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This is a unique concept that we have implemented in our practice. Even though all our appliances are sterile and perfectly safe to be used in the treatments, to reassure the patients on how committed we are to hygiene, we have adopted a totally disposable practice. Each treatment is carried out with new and disposable equipment, fresh from a sealed kit. These equipment are made of the best materials and used extensively in some of the best dental clinics in the United States. Once the treatment is completed, we seal the used equipment in an air tight bag and return it to the patient. The patient can dispose off package in the designated area in our clinic. As our commitment to environment and the country, we urge our patients to store the kit if their treatment requires more than one visit, so that we can reuse the equipment to keep the cost low and avoid unnecessary wastage.
Our dental clinic in Palam Vihar and Pitampura, New Delhi are well equipped with the latest in dentistry technology to provide dental treatments that are safe and comfortable to the patients. To achieve unparalleled results, we stress on clinic hygiene and use the most stringent techniques of sterilization followed anywhere in the world. Our procedure includes using a combination of processes that result in 100% cleanliness of each dental appliance. All surfaces in the clinic is disinfected with IDA approved disinfectants to keep the clinic hygienic and healthy. Our water lines and appliances are regularly maintained by qualified maintenance staff. All materials used in our dental clinic in Gurgaon are as fresh as new during each dental treatment. The dental appliances are mechanically washed before feeding to the ultrasonic chemical cleaners which use vigorous sound waves to scrap off any debris and make the appliance clean and free of any contaminants. Once the appliance is chemically cleaned, we use the most modern Autoclave Technology which uses a unique color coding to indicate when the appliance is 100 percent clean. This completes the sterilization process without any human interaction and free of any errors. We use essentials like gloves, dams, goggles, masks in every treatment to maintain our own hygiene. You can expect the highest level of professionalism in our services and sterilization procedures. Materials Specialised Treatment Each treatment is performed only by a skilled
To provide a safe treatment with lasting results, we only use dental materials from leading manufacturers around the world. Almost all materials used during treatments at our dental clinic carry a warranty that is recognised everywhere. Implants: Nobel Biocare with 20 years replacement warranty. Crowns : Royal Crowns Root canal treatments: 5 year warranty. Fillings: 3 year warranty Ceramic Veneers: 3 year free replacement warranty.

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